Recipes with a taste of freedom...

Friends, family, freedom—these are just some of the good things worth sharing and celebrating over a good meal. No matter who you are or where you’re from, food unites us all. So what better way is there to celebrate the rich diversity of Atlas Network’s global partner network than over a delicious homemade dish?

This book aims to celebrate our partners, their efforts within the freedom movement, their collaborations with Atlas Network, and the many cultures and traditions represented in our work for liberty across the globe.

Our worldwide partners shared with us—and now with you! —more than 40 recipes to showcase cuisines from Africa, Asia & Oceania, Europe, and Latin America. These recipes hail from more than 25 countries, and with each recipe we include personal commentary from our partners to explain the significance of each dish, and how it connects to their region. So choose your favorite cuisine, or maybe a new cuisine that you aren’t familiar with, and start cooking today!

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